Digital fundraising has become the primary fundraising tool for many charities in the last 18 months. Are you making the most of online opportunities and do you know which digital fundraising platforms are best for your charity?

The growth of digital fundraising

It is easy for any organisation to become overwhelmed by fears around cyber security and the ever-changing technology landscape. However, it is important to remember the potential for digital tools to raise awareness and funds in a modern and agile way.

During the pandemic, many charities moved to digital fundraising through necessity. This ranged from running online auctions and Facebook Live events to using social media as their main communication platform. While we are now returning to physical events and more face-to-face contact, charities are considering the ongoing role that digital fundraising can play.

Fundraising through social media

According to a report from Datareportal, more than half the world now uses social media. The latest figures suggest that nearly 80% of people in the UK now access social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok.

Given their massive reach, it makes sense for charities to use these channels for digital fundraising campaigns. There is huge potential just through registering with the platforms to allow users to fundraise for your charity on their birthdays. Registering as a charity with social media giant Facebook only takes about 15 minutes. It allows endless opportunities for friends of the charity to spread the word on the good work that is being completed. 

While charities should explore all potential social media opportunities, Facebook is the platform of choice for most. Facebook has stated that more than 7 million people in the UK have donated to a good cause through its platform.

How e-commerce sites can support your digital fundraising

E-commerce sites, such as Amazon and Ebay, can also help charities to raise funds.  Amazon Smile allows customers to make the same purchases they would through their Amazon account but with 0.5% of eligible purchases being donated to charity. 

Registering as a charity with Amazon Smile does not just allow for potential donations through the platform. You can also provide a write up on the work your charity provides. This could be a great way of increasing your reach to potential doners and beneficiaries.

Ebay also supports charities in their fundraising efforts. Many have run charity shops for years to raise crucial funds to support their ongoing activities. Ebay has now made it possible to move these charity shops online. This reduces overheads, increases the charity’s reach, and most importantly, adds another string to a charity’s fundraising bow. Ebay has produced a useful guide to help charities set this up.

In addition, JustGiving, Virgin Money Fundraising and Crowdfunding all offer the opportunity for charities and their donors to set up specific fundraising events to create a fast and simple donation platform to extend out to other potential donors. 

These can again be used in conjunction with social media to maximise the potential reach to any potential fundraising activity. 

With online trends such as Movember who in their latest viral attempt have teamed up with Tik-Tok and using the hashtag #movember have to date gathered over 826 million views on the platform, showing how one simple idea can spread to so many. Could your charity provide the next big viral trend?

Digital fundraising not only has the potential to raise more money. By giving people a quick and easy way to support your charity, you could grow your reach and enhance your relationships with supporters. 

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