Our investment services are designed to meet your personal objectives and maximise your investment returns. We take time to discover your circumstances and aspirations to ensure we build the right investment strategy for you.

We offer a range of services including:

  • Advisory services; this means that we consult with you and obtain your permission before carrying out any purchases or sales on your behalf. Our advice is based both on a strategic asset allocation designed to suit your objectives and time horizon, and on our research and analysis of investment funds and markets. The holdings that we recommend and purchase on your behalf are collective investments funds, such as unit trusts, open ended investment companies and investment trusts.
  • Discretionary services; we will work with an external Discretionary Fund Manager (DFM) to carry out the day to day buying and selling decisions applied to your portfolio. Discretionary management allows the investment manager to be responsive to markets and, depending on the size of your portfolio, it can reduce fund expenses due to the inclusion of direct investment in equities, bonds and other assets. We devise and provide the discretionary manager with an investment strategy at the outset, designed to meet your objectives and in keeping with your attitude to investment risk. We take an objective view of the marketplace and recommend the most appropriate discretionary service for you. We research and take account of many factors, including financial strength and the security of your funds, investment approach and performance, the size of portfolios under management, research capability and the competitiveness of management charges.

In selecting the most appropriate service for your needs, we will assess your personal investment risk profile and take account of your objectives, your need for income and liquidity, the time horizon for your investments, your ethical preferences and your taxation position. We undertake a thorough review and analysis of your existing investments, and we advise on the most appropriate vehicles to minimise the taxation of your investment returns.

Regular Reviews

Whichever type of investment service we recommend, we provide ongoing review meetings where we will present your valuation and give an objective analysis of your investments, illustrating performance against pre-agreed benchmarks. We will agree the frequency of meetings with you at the outset. We will recommend any changes that we feel are necessary to ensure that your investments remain competitive and suitable for your needs.

Tax Efficient Investment

We advise our clients on a wide range of tax efficient investments, including Individual Savings Accounts (ISA), Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS), Venture Capital Trusts (VCT), Bonds, Pensions and Business Property Relief (BPR) qualifying investments. Our advice is tailored to your circumstances and your investments arranged to ensure they are efficient for the purposes of income tax, capitals gains tax, inheritance tax and corporation tax.

How we Work

An initial meeting to discuss your requirements is at our expense. Our advice is provided in writing and we present our recommendations in person to discuss how these will meet your specific objectives.