Services for Charities

We provide tailored, objective investment advice to Charities, helping trustees to comply with the governing documents of their organisation, the provisions of Trustee Act 2000 and the requirements of the Charities Commission.

Trustee responsibilities

Among their many responsibilities, in relation to investment matters trustees must in most cases:

  • Create a written Investment Policy Statement
  • Further the aims of the Charity within the community
  • Exercise care and skill
  • Take professional investment advice where appropriate
  • Balance the long and short term financial needs of the Charity
  • Review investments regularly

We deliver an investment service based on the specific requirements of the Charity. We provide a clear audit trail to show that trustees have taken advice and are acting in a professional manner, giving trustees the peace of mind of knowing that their responsibilities in relation to investment matters have been fulfilled.

How we work

To ensure that we build the right investment strategy to suit your organisation we take time to understand your Charity’s requirements. We offer an initial meeting with the trustees at our expense to discuss the following:

  • The purpose and nature of the Charity
  • The Charity’s income requirements
  • The capital reserves and liquidity policy
  • The trustees’ preferred risk profile
  • The investment time horizon
  • The trustees’ reporting and benchmarking requirements

We will also discuss with you the full range of options, including single manager portfolios, bespoke discretionary investment management services, common investment funds and cash accounts.

Following our initial meeting, we work on the basis of a pre-agreed fee to devise an investment strategy based on your Charity’s specific criteria. Acting as independent adviser to the trustees, we provide the following services:

  • Recommend investment products and services to meet the trustees’ objectives
  • Negotiate fees and service proposals
  • Agree performance benchmarks
  • Advise and assist in writing an Investment Policy Statement
  • Monitor and review investments going forward

For larger Charities, we can devise an independent, objective process of investment manager selection including presentations by third party investment managers and commentary as appropriate.

Specialist expertise

Charity investment is a specialist area of advice. Iain Andrews, Director of Thomas Westcott Chartered Financial Planners, has served a wide range of new, experienced, professional and charitable trustees for many years. Among his professional memberships, Iain is a qualified member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) and is a Chartered Financial Planner.