Trustee Services

We are experienced in providing tailored investment advice to trustees. Our service is designed to ensure the objectives of the trust are met and to give trustees piece of mind, knowing that their responsibilities in relation to investment matters have been fulfilled.

How we work

To ensure that we build the right investment strategy to suit the purposes of the trust, we take time to understand the trustees’ objectives and the circumstances of the beneficiaries.

There are many factors to consider, among which we take account of the purpose behind the trust, the provisions of the trust documents, the time frame for the investments and the circumstances of the beneficiaries.

We offer an initial meeting to discuss these matters with the trustees at our expense.

Following our initial meeting, we work on the basis of a pre-agreed fee to recommend and implement an appropriate investment strategy;

  • We ensure the trustees maintain a suitable investment risk profile.
  • We provide bespoke advice on the use of specialist tax vehicles, based on HMRC’s treatment of the trust for income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax purposes.
  • We ensure that management charges are competitive and provide value for money.
  • We work with a range of professional investment partners and are accustomed to providing specialist advice to trustees in conjunction with stockbrokers and discretionary fund managers to ensure the best outcome for trustees and beneficiaries.
  • We ensure that, where appropriate, an Investment Policy Statement is put in place.
  • We advise and assist trustees regarding appropriate on-going performance measurement and risk management. We offer a programme of periodic reviews to ensure that the arrangements remain suitable going forward.

Health-check for established trusts

For trusts that are already established, we provide a review of the existing investments, including analysis and guidance as to the suitability of the arrangements. We provide an expert opinion as to the performance, risk profile, level of diversification, effectiveness of the taxation vehicles used and the level of management charges.

Working on the basis of a fixed fee, we will report to the trustees following our review and advise as to any action which may be required to ensure the efficient operation of the trust.

Specialist expertise

Trust investment is a specialist area of advice. Iain Andrews, Director of Thomas Westcott Chartered Financial Planners, has served a wide range of new, experienced, professional and charitable trustees for many years. Among his professional memberships, Iain is a qualified member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) and is a Chartered Financial Planner.

Iain and his team are accustomed to working with trust and probate solicitors, accountants and investment professionals to ensure that trustees receive a comprehensive and cost effective service.